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Vintage Wiring Harness Service

Octagon Manufacturing has been providing reproduction original specification Lucas wiring harnesses, also known as looms, for vintage and classic cars since 1968. Vic Longden, with his attention to detail, has created a business that is well respected and a service that is sought after world wide. In 2010 Vic sadly passed away. Bruce at Bygone Spares and Restorations was fortunate to be mentored and trained by Vic, ensuring that the high standard that Octagon Manufacturing is so well known for has been maintained.

Bygone Spares and Restorations has been exceptionally fortunate to have now incorporated this great business enabling Bruce to ensure that yet another aspect of your restoration is "top notch'.

Bygone Spares and Restorations (incorporporating Octagon Manufacturing) can also provide wiring harnesses individually as a product, even if you are not using our restoration services.

We build all our harnesses to order and ship them worldwide. We also have the skills to incorporate any changes or modifications you may require. Some example of changes we can incorporate include flashing indicators, flashing indicators working in conjunction with trafficators, conversions to make your trafficator flash, alternator upgrades and conversions of 6v systems to 12v. Please contact us to discuss any conversions or modifications you have in mind.

All changes and modifications are woven in to the body of the harness.

Wiring Harnesses and Looms

An extensive research and development program ensures all our wiring harnesses are remanufactured to original (OEM) specifications regarding cables, outer finish, terminations, fittings and accuracy of detail. The harnesses are wrapped in cotton braiding using a 24 bobbin machine with correct coloured trace cotton, or taped in the correct non adhesive PVC harness tape if that was originally used by the factory. If appropriate our pre war harness are braided with chocolate cotton or a mix of black/chocolate rather than the conventional black cotton that many modern manufacturers now use.

Where applicable we include components to original Lucas specifications which are not available elsewhere, for example panel light holders and terminals, which we individually hand make.

A unique part of our service is that we provide all the components for you to wire your car completely, without using any of the old wires, this includes all the loose wires, pigtails for headlights, panel light wires, sub assemblies etc.

All Wiring Harnesses come with original wiring diagram, color codes and wiring details for any extras added.

Great care is taken to get the finest detail correct. We are fanatical about originality, this being reflected in the wiring harnesses and other products we produce.

For a full list of vehicles we can produce wiring harnesses for, please click the below link. Whilst we have made every effort to include our whole range, if you do not see your vehicle in this listing please contact us to check availability!

Braided Battery/Starter Cable sets

We also remanufacture cotton braided and waxed battery and starter cable sets as was originally fitted to many cars of the period. They are fitted with brass lugs and battery terminals, rubber sleeving and/or steel flexible protection as original. Where applicable rubber terminal boots and grommets are supplied. Pre war cars have the correct brass side entry terminals and conduits fitted. many post war cars had a diecast cap type lead battery terminal. We have tried hard to source these but they are no longer available, we therefore fit a brass terminal. The sets are supplied with the correct braided tinned copper earth cables.

HT Lead sets Our HT lead sets are made with copper cored black PVC cable or for earlier cars with cotton woven cable in several colours.

Notes on originality.

The cables in harnesses are of 3 types depending on the year of manufacture. Prior to 1935 cable production was rubber insulated, cotton covered and laquered in Black. Secondary colour was identified by coloured rubber rings at ends of the cables. In 1935 Lucas commenced production of coloured cables with the secondary tracer colour banded in the cotton cover. This was a herringbone pattern and had 33 different colours. We can still obtain this cable for pre war harnesses and use it in our manufacturing process for these early cars. Post World War II with the advent of heaters and more complex electrical circuits Lucas introduced a new 66 colour version of their colour code. This was still cotton braided cable with a trace colour through the base colour therefore dispensing with the need of the earlier herringbone pattern. Where appropriate we still use this style of cable. From 1945 with the development of PVC in World War II, a small amount of PVC began to be used. At first in the instrument panel harness, then the black earth wires. Progressively through the 1950's more PVC was introduced until about 1960, when M.G.'s became 100% PVC cabled. Jaguar about 90% PVC with 10% cotton covered.

Our research has proven that the outer covering on the wiring harnesses on M.G.s up to 1940 were braided in Khaki brown. Post 1945 in black. Most other Lucas harnesses post 1935 were braided in black this includes SS Jaguar and Jaguar. A secondary reference tracer was introduced as a code in the outer braiding. This outer tracer colour code changing if the harness or individual harness section changed in detail with the upgrade of a model, or with a change in specification mid production run.

Some later harnesses (1970s) and sections of harnesses were taped with a black non adhesive loom tape. We also use this where applicable on our harnesses.

We have a 'museum' of original harnesses that we can refer to for specific details to ensure that originality that we are so fastidious about.

Please contact us for consultation and discussion of your requirements.

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