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Bespoke Restoration Service

A bespoke service is a service that creates a product that is made to measure, custom built to the customers unique and precise requests. A bespoke service is about individuality and class and the term is often used in the tailoring and other industries. Bespoke work is

"better looking, and better value, and therefore most likely to enhance a sense of self-worth as a..... discerning and successful consumer".

Our restoration services are "bespoke' and at the outset Bruce will

  • Meet with you to discuss your personal requirements
  • Provide resources and consultation services to assist you to make your restoration decisions
  • Keep a photographic record of the Restoration Journey
  • Provide regular updates on progress

At Bygone we can take your vintage or classic car in any state of repair and rejuvenate it to it's former glory. Bruce does a great deal of the work himself and uses a trusted. passionate and highly respected and experienced team of professionals to assist with various aspects of the restoration.

This means that Bygone Spares and Restorations can offer a "one stop shop service" with Bruce project managing the restoration from inception to completion.

"Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result they get better answers"

Head to the gallery section for photos of our restoration work

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